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Contact experiences
Contact experiences
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Important information!
Preparation for First Contact
Introduction for new participants
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Preparation for all participants
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Time and Place
Date: Sunday,21 December 2014
Time: 02:00pm (UTC) (i.e. 03:00pm CET)
Duration: 45 Minutes

Internet: this Website
Medium: Youtube
Audio: PC Loudspeaker

Browser: Please update to latest version

Further Information
There are no special requirements for attending the event. A respectful predisposition, openness, inquisitiveness and friendliness will support telepathic contact, though.
Please do not wear head- or earphones during telepathic contact.
A word on 'skepticism' towards telepathic communication:
There is nothing to be said against 'healthy skepticism' towards telepathic communication. Quite the contrary. This kind of attitude is usually based on rational, analytical reflections. These deliberations mostly take place in the left hemisphere of the brain, where our intellect is located.
Put simply: If you try to analyze and rate the process during telepathic communication you unwittingly create a barrier. The subtle telepathic messages are overlaid by the analytical and rational thoughts.
This is why it is important that your attitude be open and unprejudiced during telepathic communication. The presenter will help keep you focused on your right half of the brain, that is to 'empty your mind of thoughts'.

More information here:
Question and Answers (German).
Background to this event German).
Scientific aspects (German).
Contents and Procedure
  Host (Alfred)
• Preparation
  'Attentive Listening'
• Communication
  Individual Contact
  Next Steps
Individual, telepathic contact
Telepathic contact will be established solely by the participant, not by one of the interlocutors of our cosmic star siblings. These respect our free will and will only communicate if expressly addressed.
The sequence of the telepathic contact is simple and has been discussed with the cosmic star siblings ahead of the event. The procedure contains an explicit request for a telepathic connection, the beginning (salutation), and the end of the communication (good-byes). The chronology is similar to that of an every-day conversation.
The whole event will be lead and accompanied by the presenter, so the participants can concentrate on their telepathic perception.
First, the presenter will take you through a relaxing exercise, a visualizing exercise, as well as a 'test run', in order for you to get a feeling for telepathic awareness.
Afterwards, you will establish your own telepathic contact with one of the dialog partners of our star siblings. You can ask any questions you choose to and will receive an answer to every one.
Every participant establishes contact with the star siblings individually. This individual contact takes about 20 minutes.
There will be a telepathic star sibling interlocutor available for every participant.
Our star siblings are very happy to get in contact with us by telepathy. So, you can't do anything wrong.
Supportive Preparations
Create a relaxed, peaceful, and harmonious surrounding
Make sure you are not under time pressure
Have a pen and some paper ready to take notes on what you sense during your telepathic contact
Try to reduce or avoid coffee and alcohol a few hours before the event: Both can impede the quality of the telepathic connection.
Try to drink as much water (non-sparkling!) as you can throughout the day
Be open-minded for something new and unexpected!
Be joyful! Telepathy is not only 'transmission of thoughts'. It is a very multi-faceted way of communicating and includes the exchange of emotions and sensory impressions

Additional Information
Prior knowledge is not a prerequisite for communicating telepathically, for everybody possesses the inherent ability to do this.
Since telepathic communication addresses the right half of the brain (base of intuition and creativity), musical activities, like singing, drawing, dancing and so forth, are advantageous for developing your telepathic abilities.
During the event dim the ambient light, if possible.
We have created a dedicated 'group' on Facebook. Anyone interested can sign up (free of charge, of course) and discuss the experience gained during the event with their telepathic contacts.
The internet link to this group is given here: First Contact - Live Telepathy Event.